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Our team at INSECT-A-GONE PEST CONTROL is professional and competent. Get to know our team.

Robbie Chad Devaney

Designated Certified Operator / Licensee



Owner , DCO, Licensed Pest Control Operator





Robbie Chad Devaney spent 15 years with QEC Pest Eliminators before changing the company name and image in 2011. His outstanding record of customer service and problem resolution will be a huge asset to your needs.

Robbie C. Devaney


 Owner of Q.E.C. Pest Eliminators





With over 8 years experience as a pest control technician / salesman for  major consumer pest control companies, he began his own venture in 1995 as QEC Pest Eliminators. In around 2006 aquired health issues forcing an early retirement from applicating any pesticides from that point forward. Since becoming the consultant , talented at resolving customer issues and making customers happy. Give him a call and see what he can do for you!