The Hedges

It is a safe practice to be sure to keep any ornamentals and small tree's from contacting the home. This can be easy access for different types of ants to enter your home , especially after a pest control treatment has been performed.


In-adequate rain drainage , clogged gutters , water puddles ( not including pools ) , tires , buckets ,  all can be of concern to insect harborage and re-production.

German Roach

The German Roach , "water bug" , the " I got Roaches " . These little creatures get out of hand really quick and easily. Every capsule may have up to 45 new little roaches inside. The adult female can drop one of these every 28 days.  In two short months it is possible to have a situation you can't handle by yourself. Your best defense is to act quickly , do not think  " Oh ! I only saw one..." . Do something Now!

The Flea

The common Dog Flea , "Ankle Biters " , the " I don't have a dog , Why are they here ? " . Fleas are very special in the way they "show up from no-where". The infestation could have been there already , If you just moved to a new home . Flea larva and eggs can remain in that matamorphis for a long time . Vibrations from activity in that local area can trigger the final change to a biting adult. Another type ...

" I had some animals , but now they're all gone ." This can trigger an explosion of reproduction , and now the only host to feed on is YOU.   Your best defense , Vacuum the carpet often , call a Professional.


Eastern Subterranean Termite

The almighty Termite, the most destructive and damaging bug in America. No other insect causes as much costly property damage. These insects are always concealed within there own "shelter tubes" , or just plainly be concealed in your walls. Frequent inspections are necessary to prevent infestations that require extensive repairs. Look for these shelter tubes in the "crawl space " of your foundation, or Outside , just above the ground , of your foundation or concrete floor. Look for any signs of dirt that seem to come out from the trim around windows and on the floor trim. Your best defense : inspect at least once a year , a monitoring system , call a Professional.

Scavengers eat anything.... Trash must go inside of a container.

whoa !!!

Attics... Attics ... Attics... / Wire... Wire... Wire... / Let me know if you need some. It doesn't last forever.

Squirrels moving in ?

These guys gnaw on everything , all day long. Electrical wires , cable wires , PVC pipe . Can be a nightmare for a homeowner. Keep a constant check on the over-hang of the house. Openings 2 to 3 inches wide. The ridge of the roof . If possible , trim any tree limbs that are close by. Troubles with squirrels running Power service lines should contact their electricity provider for a solution.